Vehicle maintenance: prolong the lifespan of your battery

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You master car maintenance basics. Once daunting tasks like replacing the air filter and the brake pads, changing the oil and cleaning battery connectors now represent easy steps crucial for ensuring the proper functioning of your most valuable asset. You personally care for both the exterior and interior by gathering all the necessary items including bucket, hose, sponge, car wash detergent, towel and wash mitts and going over the entire surface without missing a single spot. Furthermore, you only allow a reliable and competent professional to inspect your vehicle periodically for avoiding potential hazards on the road. Even though you do not skimp on fuel quality, improving your car’s fuel economy and prolonging the life of its battery represent normal attempts of saving a few more bucks when not benefiting from a generous budget. Do not worry because this article has the purpose to give you some tips in order to help you enjoy a reliable car battery for a longer period, but keep in mind that all things wear down in time.

Vehicle maintenance - prolong the lifespan of your battery

Car battery mistakes that you should avoid

First, you should know that most drivers make seemingly minor mistakes leading to major negative consequences. For instance, if you overlook the battery’s expiry date, you will not be able to get a battery replacement on time and your vehicle will start losing vital functions. However, you should not just assume that your battery will perform excellently until the stipulated expiry date because its performance mostly depends on the usage and maintenance. If you decide to opt for vehicle storage Oklahoma City during the cold winter, expect your battery to lose charge, although dormant for months. Thus, you have to visit the facility and drive the car for at least ten minutes once in a while or remove the battery and use a trickle charger to preserve its functionality. Probably the biggest mistake people make refers to not choosing the right battery for their car in the first place. Take into account that an imposing vehicle demands a larger battery and a vehicle with more electronic needs requires more power.

Steps that you should follow for extending battery life

Normally, a car battery lasts approximately five years, but you can maximize its life by applying these simple tips and tricks. Inspect and clean your battery periodically with a mix of baking soda and water in order to prevent dirt from accumulating. Of course, you can also pour some Cola over the corroded areas and complete this task very quickly; just make sure that you remove the remaining moisture and residue with a sponge and let it dry properly. Furthermore, during those cold months, people have the bad habit of starting the car with a few minutes before stepping in so that it makes the interior warm and pleasant. However, you should know that leaving the vehicle on exhausts the battery power. You can also use a battery tester to track the maintenance level of your battery and know exactly when you should start looking for a new one.

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