The most popular types of limousines

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Unquestionably, the limousine is the peak of luxury cars. It allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride. The chauffeur is the one who will have to take care of the details related to the car. The limo used to be reserved for the wealthy people. Well, not anymore. Nowadays, anyone can hire a limo. In fact, more and more people are opting for this luxurious mode of transportation.

Hiring a limousine is a natural part of modern life. The reason why limo hire has become so popular is that it is affordable and there is a wide field of options to choose from. Limousines are available in different types and each of them has unique features. For limo hire services, click here. Choosing the right limo is just as important as choosing what clothes to put on. Here are the most popular types of limousines.

The most popular types of limousines

Sedan limo

The sedan limousine is one of the most common chauffeured vehicles in Australia. It is frequently used for commuting and business trips, being able to accept 2 or 3 passengers. You may wonder why. This is a small automobile, so it has the lowest price among limo fleets. Besides being cost-effective, the sedan limo is discreet. The passenger car does not draw attention. It is similar to a cab, the main difference being that it is classier. The low price tag and the not so extravagant nature make the sedan a popular choice.

Stretch limo

When it comes to providing a high level of comfort, no car can beat the stretch limousine. A stretch limo is essentially an extended version of a large sedan. The stretch limousine has a larger capacity for passengers than a standard automobile, hence the name. A typical stretch is able to accommodate up to 8 passengers, which is why it is ideal for events like wedding parties, birthday parties. And for business trips. Most companies ensure that their vehicles come equipped with amenities like built-in bars, tinted windows, conversational seating, high-end sound systems, and privacy dividers.

Hummer limo

There is not a single transportation agency that does not include the Hummer limo in its fleet. The Hummers is spacious, seating up large numbers of people. It is the perfect choice for large groups and families. The Hummer limousine stands out from the crowd, so it is not a car for the shy. Passenger cars traditionally come in black and grey, but it is possible to find a pink Hummer. If you hire a Hummer, you can expect the interior to have the latest LCD screens and sound system. However, Hummers are massive machines and they cannot be used for everyday transportation. Just for specific occasions.

As you can see, limousine transportation companies are flexible, offering you many options. There is a limo for every occasion. When it comes to choosing your mode of transportation, keep in mind how many people will be riding with you, what you can afford, and, most importantly, where you are going.

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