The 2017 Toyota RAV4: a compact crossroad SUV

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When it comes to cars, we all have our doubts. Yes, certain producers do make a stunning job at vehicle manufacturing, but are all the models perfect and suitable for us? If you plan to buy a new vehicle and you lack the data you need to decide easier, some experts might come to your help. The well-documented Edmunds opinion on the 2017 Toyota RAV4 comes to help those who consider buying a new car in the near future. Being a crossroad SUV, it might be appropriate for many typologies, and while it is not a breakthrough in the automotive field, it certainly has its perks. But let’s see what it offers in terms of driving experience.

The 2017 Toyota RAV4 a compact crossroad SUV

Good overall driving experience

The new model has a decent driving performance, mainly similar to other SUV cars available on the market. The comfortable design meets the expectations set by Toyota with its previous models; it provides an enjoyable ride for both the driver and passengers. It is a cavernous car, longer than the previous generation (not to mention than the first one), so get all your relatives and stack them inside.  However, it offers exactly what we would expect from Toyota. Nothing less, nothing more. Although it comes quite powerful, at high acceleration the noise is noticeable. An aspect that exceeds the expectations is the car’s panic-braking feature, being more secure than other models’ currently available on the market. Steering is easy and comfortable on this car, just as handling is. The off-road capability is a decent one, the exact experience expected from this model. A compact and easy to drive model.

A comfortable model

Because of its large dimensions, it is fair enough to expect a comfortable ride. Seat comfort, road comfort, noise, and vibrations are just as they should be. Decent, great noise suppression, unnoticeable vibrations and seats appropriate for long rides. The interior finishes and details are great, as usual. Coming with leather interior, it has all the vital features at hand, easy to control and adapt. This is also available for the audio systems and climate control panel. Because it is a large model, it is easy to get in or out of it. Worth mentioning is the fact that experts couldn’t point out a blind spot this car might have, therefore, it assures high levels of visibility.

A roomy model

A spacious model, the 2017 Toyota RAV4 can fit inside, without any issue a large family. And their pets. This comes as a great advantage if going on vacation with your car was previously a dread. Also, you can transport with success everything you might need when camping, fishing or other recreational activities. A great car for multipurpose, we can state that it offers good levels of versatility.

This is a great car especially for families, meeting with success safety, space and fuel efficiency requirements. Also, it might have its flaws, but what car doesn’t?


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