Moving abroad – How about your vehicle or motorcycle?

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Moving abroad can be a truly exciting experience. New perspectives and opportunities open and you’ll have the opportunity to have a fresh start; a new life. But, while everybody knows how they should proceed with their belongings to move them abroad, what about their vehicles? Their motorcycles? Motorcycle enthusiasts certainly know that moving multiple ones across the border can cost them a fortune, and in a full moving process, this is more than they can afford in most of the cases. Also, not knowing exactly that the process will leave your vehicle or motorcycles unharmed can truly be stressful for an enthusiast. So, what are the options that you’ll remain with?

Moving abroad - How about your vehicle or motorcycle

Vehicle transport services are your solution

This seems obvious, since you cannot drive multiple vehicles or motorcycles at once over the border. And even if you manage such things, the fuel costs will certainly go over your budget, not to mention how tiring this might turn. A common practice amongst those who are moving abroad is having their vehicles transported over the border with dedicated vehicles. This will offer you your peace of mind that your valuables will be in safe hands. Think of the fact that vintage car enthusiasts transport their jewelleries this way throughout the world to various shows and exhibitions. Thus, in terms of safety and security, you have yourself a deal.

What to pay attention to?

Of course, a company with a modern fleet will most certainly be the most suitable solution for you. This will assure you that your valuables reach the destination intact and in a timely fashion. Also, the experts at White’s Vehicle Transport advise to always search for those companies that are fully insured, as you want to know that regardless of the events that may occur (and some may not be pleasant), you will have a fair compensation to cover your loss or damage. Of course, you want to find that company that operates in the area which interests you the most, but highly professional entities cover the vast majority of Europe. Pricing matters, as you well know, and your best option is to find that company that has competitive pricing rates. However, you want to make sure that you search for the best value for money service. Otherwise, choosing a cheap, poor service might turn into a costly mistake.

Documentation – What do I need?

These aspects are better to be discussed with a company representative. However, generally, the main documents and papers that you’ll have to provide are your vehicle’s or motorcycle’s insurance papers, and their title and registration.

What if I have more than one vehicle?

You can either transport one vehicle or four motorcycles at once by using these services. Your motorcycles should be all set up with a single transportation, but if you have multiple vehicles, you’ll have to invest in more than one transportation. However, these services are incredibly cost-effective and they will certainly pay off at the end of the journey.

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