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We may dream about super cars all the time but at the end of the day, our classic sedans satisfy all our driving needs without wasting our life’s savings. If you are looking for a car which delivers a decent performance at a reasonable price, then you should definitely consider the Honda Accord as it is one of the best selling American cars. The best thing about this vehicle is that most of its features can be personalized in order for the final product to fit the needs of a customer 100%.

Honda Accord Picture Honda Accord Picture

The Honda Accord managed to be on top of the best selling American cars due to the fact that it reinvented itself every few years. However, the 2008 model did not follow the same pattern of success imposed by its predecessors. The main issues that the customers had with it included the crowded cockpit with countless buttons and functions which made the whole interior feel incredibly overwhelming. However, the 2013 model managed to surprise us yet again. Just when we thought that Honda was stuck in a rut, the manufacturers surprised us with yet another great American car which perfectly combines utility with affordability.

  • Performance

The 2013 Honda Accord exceeds our expectations through its incredible maneuverability. The braking, steering and shifting features are very responsive and precise. Furthermore, the vehicle also features an electrically assisted rack and pinion steering which is completely lag free. The new Accord features a six speed manual transmission as well as an optional CVT. All the car’s components behave impeccably independently but they also work great together. The car runs on 18-inch wheels shod with 235/45-18 rubber. It weights 3272 pounds and it has a 59.6%/40.4% weight distribution. It is powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder which delivers 189-hp and 181 lb-ft of torque at 3900 rpm. These performance features make the Accord go from 0-60 miles in 6,6 seconds.

  • Exterior

The exterior look of the new Accord is a lot more rigid than the previous model as 56% of its structure is made of high-strength steel. The main exterior improvements include the folding side mirrors, under body aerodynamic covers and integrated rear-window antenna. There have been considerably less upgrades on the car’s exterior than on its interior. Nonetheless, the new Accord is a super Sedan and any man should feel lucky to drive it.

  • Interior

On the inside, the new Honda Accord is just as sophisticated as it is on the outside. It features a rear-view camera, dual-zone automatic climate control, a 10-way power driver’s seat, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a wide range of tech compatibility features such as Bluetooth, USN ports, Pandora and so on. The eight-inch screen is very informative as it features easy access to many features and it also displays images from the rear-view camera. There are considerably fewer controls than on the 2008 model which makes the interior a lot more homey and less tech-oriented. The car’s interior does not lack the luxury features of a good sedan ad all the surfaces have a great finish.

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