Driving with a chipped windshield – is it or is it not dangerous?

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Quite a common occurrence when having a car, considered by many a minor aspect, a cracked or chipped windshield is always something that has to be repaired fast, so it does not compromise the integrity of the entire car. They are generally caused by rocks flying on the windshield and damaging it in a small proportion. But the workers at this service specialized in windshield repair Corpus Christi located say it is more than an aesthetic issue, is a car integrity issue. Below you can find a couple of reasons you shouldn’t ignore even the smallest crack you notice.

Driving with a chipped windshield - is it or is it not dangerous

1. The structural integrity of the car decreases

An intact windshield helps greatly to absorb the impact of a front-to-end collision. This helps the passengers to have higher levels of safety. However, even the smallest crack in the windshield will prevent it to meet one of its main purposes, namely the safety one. Instead of absorbing the force of the impact and transferring it to the chassis, the windshield will shatter, which will endanger your and your passenger’s life.

2. Your airbags become ineffective

In modern cars, proper airbag deployment depends strongly on the windshield. Because in case of collision it is the piece that directs the airbag towards the passenger, it is quite an important element. However, a chipped windshield will crack when it meets the force of the airbag, and the airbag in return is less likely to protect the passengers from severe injury.

3. Increased risk of ejection in case of collision

If we discuss the matter objectively and honestly, not all of us wear seatbelts whenever entering a car. In such cases, if an accident occurs, the passenger is very likely to be ejected through the windshield. A windshield has not exclusively the role to preserve the car’s integrity, but also to prevent the passengers to be forcefully thrown out of the car.

4. Roll-over accidents are more dangerous with cracked windshields

Offering great structural support in case of roll-over accidents, in the case of a cracked or chipped windshield, the car’s resilience levels decrease. A proper windshield will prevent the car’s roof to fold or bend too much. This way, the car’s passengers are very likely to be seriously injured.

Here are a couple of reasons why one should immediately take action in case of a chipped windshield. They are inexpensive to repair, and if done properly, at a professional windshield repair atelier, you won’t even notice it was at a point or another damaged. Professionals will use a mix of clear resins that will be injected in the area and after they are properly dried, they will polish the area so it is smooth and transparent. Make sure you don’t put your and your passenger’s life because of a small crack, especially when such issues are not expensive at all to fix.

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