2012 Ferarri 458 Spider

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If you are looking for an exotic sports car to conquer the roads in the summer, the Ferarri 458 Spider is the best option. The 458 is a super car produces by the Italian manufacturer Ferrari. The 458 was built as a replacement for the F430. The 2012 model is built at the Scaglietti facility in Modena and a base price of $257,000.

The 2012 Ferarri 458 Spider has a body configuration that thrashes anything the old F430 lineup could do. When compared to the coupe, the 3,384 lbs Ferarri 458 Spider weight 110 pounds more and has a 30 percent less rigid structure. The Spider goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds, although the company estimates 3.3. Its dual-phase direct-injected 4.5-liter V8 repeats the numbers seen on the Italia: 570 horsepower maxing out at 9,000-rpmand 398 pound-feet of torque at 6,000 rpm. Compared to the F430, it produces 16-percent more torque at 750 additional rpm.

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The 2012 Ferarri 458 Spider has a 27-percent increased fuel economy and improved levels of CO2 emissions. A full 22.7-gallon tank can take you 401.5 miles is you can drive it like you might drive a Ford Fusion. The 459 gets away with its column-mounted paddles for the seven-speed DCT because they are long and because the tight steering lock-to-lock weighted 2.0 turns. Trough tight corners, the car is helped by the impressive torque available in the 3rd and 4th hear, allowing drivers to hold it without being worried about losing time.

Getting the roof up or down takes about 14 seconds and the rear glass can also be lowered or raised to the desired degree. The great thing about the top is that it doesn’t compromise the Spider’s exterior proportions, in fact the car looks better than the Italia. Its Webasto-supplied aluminum lid is based on a design Ferrari started to develop back in 2004. The roof separates into two pieces and rolls over backwards right over the engine. The one-piece aluminum tonneau bolts upright together with the two flying buttresses.

Viewed from the rear, the Ferarri 458 Spider looks completely different from the 458 Italia. Its look is very heritage-correct and we love the solid rear deck that hides the red-headed V8. The air intakes and resonance bits were relocated to the rear instead of near the cockpit. On the inside, the Ferarri 458 Spider looks pretty much as the coupe, with leather smeared over all the bits. Even if it’s slightly overdone in places, the interior looks great as there is pliantly of headroom even for tall drivers. The major controls are placed on the steering wheel and there is one new button for the roof.

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